This page contains links to relevant media coverage. If you are a journalist who is writing about gender and play issues please get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Girls, you can play wherever you like – 19 July 2019. Michelle Duff discusses the challenges facing girls who want to take part in sport and leisure activities typically dominated by boys, and highlights some of the key messages of The Girls’ Play Project.

Auckland skateboarder bullied out of sport says ‘girls belong in skate parks too’ – 15 July 2019. Troika Tokalau profiles Amber Clyde, a skateboarder who has faced discrimination and aggression from male skate park users, leading her to establish beginner-level workshops to teach young girls skateboarding skills.

It’s 2019. Why are sports-themed boys still so boy centric? – 7 June 2019. Nicole Graev Lipson discusses the enduring stereotype that sports is something that only interests boys.

Dear strangers, please stop telling me my active daughter might get hurt – 1 November 2016. Leslie Kendall Dye shares her experiences of public backlash regarding her daughter’s active and risk-taking play style.